Series ASC

for professional solvent recovery

Solvent Recovery Plants

Series ASC for professional recovery of solvents

Entry into Professional Solvent Recycling

ASC-150 24 KW
Bestseller since 2007 - universally applicable

ASC-500 37 kW
Powerful distillation plant for 1 - 5 tons / day

ASC-500 50 kW
Powerful solvent recovery plant for 2 - 7 tons / day

ASC-1500 48 kW
Solvent Recovery for 3 - 8 to / day

ASC-1500 100 kW
Distillation plant for 5 - 10 to / day

Large plant for separation of solvents

The Design

The solvent evaporator for demanding enterprises

Since 1986 (35 years) we have been building the successful ASC plant series. It was specially developed for customers who produce large quantities of solvents. The ASC is designed for approx. 300-30.000 litres of dirt solvent per day. The explosion-proof distillation plant ASC is one of the most modern distillation plants for solvents available on the market worldwide.

Manufacturing quality

Each machine is unique

Our production team builds according to customer requirements and high quality standards. Depending on the system configuration, this solvent recovery system can be supplemented with features and equipment to ensure a complex recovery process. Ultimately, each system is unique and manufactured with special attention and precision.


Operational safety at a high level

There is no compromise here. The German requirements for the development of such a recovery plant are very strict. Therefore this plant does not only own a justified CE mark but is built according to the ATEX guidelines. In cooperation with TÜV we document the production according to RL 2014/34/EU**.

We have been your good partner in the field of solvent processing for 40 years. Well-known companies rely on us and successfully use the ASC series.


Passion for detail

OFRU systems are manufactured almost exclusively with German components. The ASC series includes electronics from RITTAL, SIEMENS, PILZ and Klöckner Möller, drives and motors from internationally well-known manufacturers. We leave nothing to chance, so that you can work well with the systems..


Modern Distillation Plant - Designed for Performance

The entry-level model ASC-100 has a very good heating capacity of 12 kW. An integrated thermal oil heating system is used here. From the ASC-150 24 kW up to and including the ASC-1500 100 kW, we use our integrated steam heating, developed since 1990, as a standard heating method. We deliberately build small boiler sizes and thus achieve fast heating at the start of the plant and a surprisingly high continuous distillation output distributed over the days.

The Distillation Vessel

Conical boiler bottom made of stainless steel

Using 12 mm steel plates, we produce a smooth conical vessel bottom in a very complex machining process. The optimal steep angle in the cone improves the later discharge of the distillation residue with scraper support. This production is considerably more expensive than with a flat distillation bottom, but offers enormous advantages for professional use.

Perfect Doctor Blade System

Self-adjusting scrapers - really good !

Often copied but never as good as the original. At OFRU you get the original scraper system which has been developed to an optimum after many generations of systems. The conical distillation vessel and the scrapers are a strong team. A recipe for high distillation performance.  You will be thrilled!

The ASC series requires only two long scrapers and scrapes on the complete boiler angle (heating surface). Larger systems are equipped with 2 additional scrapers for the side wall. A strong spring force guarantees constant boiler cleaning without clumping and readjustment. 

We use a non-spark-cracking plastic material as the material, which has a better service life of about 3 years than brass.


Prepared for tank integration

The Ex-protected distillation plant ASC automatically fills up to 100.000 litres from a dirt barrel or customer-side waste solvent tanks. OFRU supplies plastic (IBC) or stainless steel tanks with approval if required. Already during the planning of your plant we consider your premises and make suggestions to you, in order to find an optimal solution, without costs for you. Ask us for a suitable treatment concept to integrate your tanks.

Control and HMI

Advanced operation of the system

The solvent recovery system is controlled centrally from a Rittal control cabinet outside the EX area. The most important operating elements such as emergency stop, heating setting or emptying are located directly on the system. A Siemens HMI with touch colour display is installed in the control cabinet for further adjustment and monitoring. If required, EX-protected control panels can be installed for zone 1, or the HMI can be retrofitted for zone 2.

  • Function Description
  • Product Benefits

The ASC solvent recovery system was specially developed for customers who produce large quantities of contaminated solvents every day. Such quantities, circa 300-30.000 litres per day are usually stored in 500-2000 l tanks and used in a cycle with other consumers such as washing and cleaning systems. An ASC evaporator is therefore designed for the treatment of 20 to more than 1000 litres per hour and uses state-of-the-art technology and only high-quality built-in components. The boiler sizes range from 160 to 6000 litres.

A special feature of the ASC distillation plant is the conical distillation vessel made of stainless steel. A high-quality, turned, conical distillation vessel with polished weld seams in the cone is used, in which a very large part of the surface is heated.

The entry-level model ASC-100 12 kW operates with an integrated thermal oil heating system. From the model ASC-150 24 kW, the integrated high-performance steam heating in  double jacket used for many years is used. Alternatively, other heat carriers provided by the customer (e.g. oil, hot water or steam) can be used.

The plant is usually connected to a tank for contaminated and clean solvent. A modern filling level control keeps the solvent quantity in the evaporator system constant at all times and guarantees continuous operation, if necessary in 3-shift operation. An integrated vacuum pump continuously conveys the dirt from a drum or tank into the evaporator. A powerful vacuum unit reduces the boiling temperature and thus prevents unwanted decomposition of the solvents or contamination. The solvent vapours liquefy in a water-cooled heat exchanger and are collected in a tank for reuse.

The ASC is self-cleaning and has been optimized over 30 years: A slow-running agitator with self-adjusting scrapers keeps the boiler walls free of incrustations during distillation. The scrapers are firmly attached to the polished boiler top and bottom walls, which not only stir, but also scrape 100% off the heated boiler wall. The combination of uniform stirring and perfectly fitting scraper blades on the heating walls also ensures optimum heat transfer to the solvent and promotes evaporation. The entire distillation process is controlled by a SIEMENS controller with a modern colour touch display.

At the end of continuous operation, automatic sump distillation is initiated. The residue or contamination is thickened to a specified viscosity by time setting. The system then switches off automatically and is ready to empty the residues. The viscous residues are emptied manually or automatically at the lower end of the conical boiler by gravity with back-flow support via a discharge slide. The rotating scrapers and the steep conical bottom facilitate emptying. Cleaning work is no longer necessary. Until then, the plant has produced a larger quantity of clean regrind and is immediately ready for 1-3 shift operation.

Application range: Due to the high capacity of the evaporators, this series of systems is preferably used in the ink & varnish industry, chemical industry, printing industry or professional waste disposal specialist companies.

The ASC is one of the most modern distillation plants in the world, deliberately manufactured with small boiler sizes, powerful and very convenient to operate.

  • Almost all parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel
  • Automatic and continuous filling with contaminated solvents
  • Fill level is kept constant. Plant continues to distil, no more cooling
  • Conical stainless steel distillation vessel: Simple and complete emptying of the vessel by gravity and scraper insert
  • Perfect scraper system: Scrapers clean the inner wall of the vessel, no readjustment necessary. Optimum vessel cleaning guarantees
  • Water cooling: Optimum condensation of solvent vapours even at high ambient temperatures
  • Control cabinet with digital SIEMENS control
  • Automatic operation
  • Auto-Stop: If the dirty barrel is empty, in case of temperature errors, if no thermal oil is present, if no cooling water is present
    Constructed according to the latest European directives: Operating safety at a high level

* Depending on type and composition of solvent, type and proportion of contamination, heating temperature, vacuum, cooling water pressure and temperature, boiling behaviour.
** Accompanying depot agent according to Directive 2014/34/EU