40 Years of OFRU Recycling

Distilling devices - still in use today - durable and future-proof

1978: The first distiller from OFRU Recycling

1981: Solvent distiller SC 100 and SC 200

1985 - 1989: Solvent distiller - SR 100 and A SC 200

1991 - 1993: Distiller - Solvent Distillation Equipment / Plant DSC-200, ASC-200, MSC-30

OFRU systems are very durable

 Our customers operate their OFRU systems for a very long time. An operating time of 20-30 years is not uncommon. OFRU systems usually operate in 2-3 shifts. Every customer appreciates the long-term use of his distillation plant and is convinced
"This investment has been more than worthwhile!