Solvent Recovery

System recommendation and product overview

Distill contaminated solvents clean

The main goal of solvent recovery is to make the solvent quickly available.

Various solvent recovery systems with different designs are available for this purpose. All the following systems can be set up and operated in an Ex zone 1 *, are designed for vacuum operation, can be extended and retrofitted.


* Zone 1 are areas in which an explosive atmosphere is expected to occur occasionally.

Distillation of solvents
How does it actually work?


Which solvents can usually be recycled?


Systems for solvent treatment and recovery

Selection by daily solvent quantity

Distillation plant for small quantities
60-400 Litre / Day


Priceworth fully automatic system for the practical barrel to barrel distillation


Series ASC
Professional recovery plants  
300-12.000+ litre / day


For demanding users

Comfortable solvent recovery at high capacities, automatic, continuous filling, self-cleaning with agitator and scrapers

Large-Scale Plants
Special treatment of solvents
5.000-20.000+ litres / day


Special construction adapted to liquid-liquid separation, solvent separation, solvent-water separation or treatment with high daily throughput

Fully automatic distillation, built to a high industry standard for chemical companies or professional waste management companies