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OFRU Recycling has been manufacturing distillation plants for flammable solvents for 44 years. In 2019, the product range was expanded to include industrial cleaning systems for the paint, adhesives and coatings industry

Solvents or commonly used dissolvers occur in various forms in industry. Today, these solvents or cleaners are treated simply, safely and economically in our own company by distillation.

For this purpose OFRU builds and sells recycling plants made of high-quality materials and components. The end product is a vacuum evaporator with state-of-the-art technology and excellent quality.

Washing, cleaning and then distilling and recovering solvents or cleaners - a perfect combination.
For this purpose, OFRU has been manufacturing container cleaning systems since 2020, which were previously built by TECOS from Switzerland.

The product range

Solvent Recovery
Distillation plants in explosion-proof design


Cleaning and Washing machines
For industrial Parts and Container/Tanks


Used equipment
General overhauled, immediately ready for use