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Rent a distillation plant or an evaporator !

You want to test or rent a system for a certain period of time?

No problem. We make the decision easy for you.

You rent a used or even a new distillation plant from OFRU. Most of the time you make a profit. Because your current monthly fixed costs without own treatment are not insignificant.

Calculation example:

Solvent consumption per day: 500 Liter
Solvent purchase price: 1 EUR / Liter
Working days per month: 20
Disposal of contaminated solvents: 1.5 EUR / Liter

Current monthly costs:

Solvent purchase: 10.000 EUR
Solvent disposal: 15.000 EUR

Sum of monthly costs without OFRU system: 25.000 EUR

At the moment you are spending your money on:

  • solvent purchase,
  • disposal or
  • external processing.

A system rental has the following advantages for you:

  1. It protects and reduces your current expenses
  2. Often rental costs are lower than your current disposal costs.
  3. You can convince yourself of the performance and function of an OFRU system, and
  4. You recover solvents for which you are certain of the quality and composition.

Do you want to take over the rented plant afterwards or invest in a larger plant? We will find a solution together with you.