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Production of flexographic photopolymer plates

During the production of certain photopolymer flexo printing plates, washout solvents are produced during washing in the so-called processor or in-line processor. Depending on the processor for photopolymer printing plates or flexographic photopolymer plate, the solvents are stored for example in solvent tanks.

Typical solvents for this application:

  • Cliché solvents
  • Flexosolv
  • Nylosolv
  • Perchloroethylene
  • N-butanol
  • Cyrel
  • Polysolve

    These flexo printing plate solvents can be recovered very economically in an OFRU distillation plant / unit. Depending on the daily amount, we offer solvent recovery systems for this purpose.

    OFRU Solvent Recovery Units for photopolymer flexo plates are designed for solvent quantities of 200 litres per day and more. Our solvent recovery units are almost exclusively connected to 1000 litre tanks to recover larger quantities of solvents within a few hours.

    We do not offer small batch machines !

    Possibilities for system configuration:

    Product series COMPACT

    for recycling from barrel to barrel (200 litres barrel).

    The flexographic photopolymer plate solvent can be recovered very well in this solvent recovery system. Experience has shown that the distillation capacity is approx. 20 litres per hour in continuous operation.

    For small repro houses or printing companies with their own flexo plate production we recommend the solvent recovery system ASC-100 12 kW or solvent recovery unit ASC-150 24 kW. The solvent recovery unit ASC-150 24 kW is very often used in this area and connected to customer tanks (usually 1000-2000 liter filling volume).

    For example, our customer Chespa ( works in a highly professional manner. For him we have set up a roller conveyor under the ASC-150 for easy discharge of the polymer solvents into barrels with later transport. The distillation capacity is constantly about 50-65 litres per hour, in peaks about 78 litres per hour.

    Below you will find the appropriate user report.

    For larger repro houses we install the ASC-500. The solvent recovery plant, which is equipped with an integrated steam heating system, processes several tons of flexographic photopolymer plate solvent per day.


    A collection of reference customers ASC-500

    Photogravure STEURS N.V. (

    Stichnothe Druckformen GmbH (

    Repropark Moswow (

    Please contact us to suggest a suitable recycling concept.

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