ASC-150 24 kW

Solvent Recovery Unit       

Solvent Recovery Unit ASC-150 24 kW

Functional description of the solvent recovery unit 

The ASC-150 is OFRU's most successful solvent recovery unit from the ASC professional series. The solvent recovery unit has a modern integrated steam heating system.

Heating of the solvent recovery unit ASC-150:

A special feature in the solvent recovery unit ASC-150 is the conical stainless steel distillation vessel, in which the shell surface is heated with steam . The heating steam in the double jacket transfers the heat extremely quickly to the solvent. At the same time, high distillation performance is achieved with a small boiler volume.

The solvent recovery unit has a clever design. Only one electrical connection is required for the integrated steam heating. A high performance liquid ring vacuum pump conveys the dirt into the solvent recovery unit and guarantees continuous 24 hour operation. During automatic distillation in the solvent recovery unit, the evaporated amount of solvent is automatically replenished by the addition of dirt. This automatic mode can be set by timer.


Safety function of the solvent recovery unit:

If the dirt tank of the customer contains no more solvent, the solvent recovery unit receives a signal and automatically switches to "sump distillation". The continuous filling is stopped for the solvent recovery unit and the amount of solvent still present in the solvent recovery unit boiler is evaporated until the dirt becomes a thick concentrate. The solvent recovery unit then switches off and is ready for manual or fully automatic emptying.

The distilled or purified solvent flows continuously from the solvent recovery unit into the customer's on-site tank.

Perfect scraper system in the solvent recovery unit:

A further feature of the ASC solvent recovery unit is a slow-running scraper agitator with automatically adjusting scrapers made of PTFE. This unique doctor blade system has been further developed over 30 years and is now used in the solvent recovery unit for its robustness and cleaning efficiency. Two strong scrapers made of PTFE optimally clean the conical solvent recovery unit vessel and do not have to be readjusted. 

The doctor blades clean the solvent recovery unit boiler wall over the entire filling area and not only at the boiler bottom like other machines.

The contact pressure on the steep walls is optimal and large enough to prevent the build-up of deposits.

Flexible process in solvent recovery unit and adaptation to customer requirements:

The entire solvent recovery unit process is controlled by a SIEMENS SPS S7 1200. If the local requirements of the customer change due to tanks, pumps or processes, the Siemens control system can be reprogrammed at any time and adapted to customer requirements. And this in national language bps. Chinese, Russian etc.! The OFRU solvent recovery unit is multi-language ready.

Discharging the distillation residues in the solvent recovery unit:

The viscous residues are emptied by gravity in the solvent recovery unit via a slide valve at the lowest point of the conically round boiler. The solvent recovery unit can then be automatically refilled with contaminated solvent. A new continuous treatment process begins.

  • Technical Data
  • Product Benefits
Technical data ASC-150 24 kW kW with vacuum
Boiler Vessel volume 160 l
Constant filling volume, level controlled ~ 100 l
Distillation capacity approx. 40-90 l/hr*
Heating up time approx. 0.5 hr*
Heating temperature Max. 180 °C
Vacuum abs. max. 50 mbar
Voltage 380-410 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph + N
Power consumption steam heating 24 kW
Power consumption vacuum unit 1,1 kW
Compressed air consumption approx. 6 bar, max. 50 l/min.
Useful cooling capacity requirement approx. 20 kW
Cooling water consumption (8-12° C) approx. 1.5 m³/hr
Width x depth x height approx. 1.50 x 1.05 x 2.65 (always depending on configuration and changes)
Weight approx. ~ 950 kg
  • Almost all parts in contact with the product in stainless steel
  • Automatic and continuous filling with contaminated solvents
  • The Level in the solvent recovery unit is kept constant, thus largely constant distillation performance
  • Rotated conical stainless steel distillation vessel: Simple and complete emptying of the boiler by gravity and scraper insert
  • Perfect doctor blade system: scraper blades scrape off the inside wall of the boiler, no readjustment necessary. Optimum boiler tank cleaning guaranteed
  • Modern steam heating integrated in the solvent recovery unit: Solvent heats up much faster than with thermal oil systems, No oil change more necessary = saves maintenance costs, no more encrusted heating elements, always constant heating output, no oil sludge in the solvent recovery unit, no more boiler corrosion due to humidity in the thermal oil jacket
  • Water cooling: Optimum condensation of the solvent vapours even at high ambient temperatures
  • Switch cabinet IP54, with digital SIEMENS control S7 1200
  • Switch cabinet with SIEMENS HMI colour TFT comfort panel with touch operation and process overview
  • Automatic mode
  • Auto-Stop: If dirty barrel or storage tank is empty, if temperature errors occur, if there is no Water in the double jacket, if there is no cooling water available
  • Constructed according to the latest European directives: Operational safety at a high level
  • Most sold solvent recovery unit

*Notes for the solvent recovery unit: Depending on type and composition of solvent, type and proportion of contamination, heating temperature, vacuum, cooling water pressure and temperature, boiling behaviour.
**Accompanying depot agent according to Directive 2014/34/EU

Typical distillation performance of the solvent recovery unit ASC-150, after practical experience:

Ethanol / Ethyl acetate in flexo printing: Approx. 45-55 litres / hour. When using the solvent recovery unit with nitrocellulose containing solvents or inks, for safety reasons heating is only carried out at max. 105 °C.

Solvent in printing plate production: Approx. 60 litres / hour

Paint, varnish, color and coating industry: Approx. 50-90 litres / hour.

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