Why customer chooses OFRU

Your advantages with OFRU

Advantages with own Solvent Recovery

  • The recovery of valuable solvents with a simultaneously high recovery rate
  • Independence from external waste management companies and thus the certainty, that your own solvent is always available again in the same quality
  • Always fresh solvents on stock
  • Enormous reduction of purchasing and disposal costs up to over 95%
  • Low operating costs for your own solvent recovery
  • Fast amortisation of the investment; As a rule < 1 year
  • Reduction of the capital commitment by smaller solvent stores
  • And, you do something good for our nature, by the promotion of recycling management, obtain advantages for the ISO environmental certification.

Organizational structure

  • Flat organisational structure
  • We employ very well trained employees, such as welders, technicians and chemical and process engineers, some of whom have a doctorate in the design of your processing plant.
  • Our employees in Alzenau speak not only English, but also fluent Russian, Spanish, Arabic and French.
  • Export share about 80%, experienced and safe handling of overseas projects.
  • OFRU is an authorized exporter and very strong in international sales.
  • Reliable and responsible handling of your enquiries
  • Fast and competent support even after sales
  • Our own customer service team, technical hotline in German and English
  • Large sales partner network available worldwide, partly on site with our own service team.

Product range and quality

  • Contemporary and modern distillation plants
  • Sophisticated robust technology, built in industrial plants Standard
  • Integrated steam heating for solvent treatment plants. We invented and uniquely developed this technical innovation at the beginning of 1999 and launched it on the market for the first time on 8 May 1999 with a DSC-200 for the customer Donelly Hohe (Magna Mirrors) Collenberg. Our development has been used successfully for more than 17 years.
  • High technical standard at industrial chemical plant level
  • >Very good processing quality
  • Comprehensive product range with over 20 different distillation plants
  • OFRU plants are low-maintenance, maintenance and user friendly
  • Reliable in operation
  • Construction documented in close cooperation with TÜV (also as accompanying depot) (EC certificate according to directive 2014/68/EU and 2014/34/EU)
  • Type-examination tested

Degree of Awareness and Trust

  • OFRU is a pioneer in production of solvent distillation plants (solvent recovery systems)
  • For 40 years,OFRU has been internationally known for high-performance, professional plants
  • Worldwide references from leading companies in your industry
  • OFRU ® is a recognized brand.

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