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Innovation in Environmental Protection: OFRU Solvent Recycling Systems are Awarded IECEx Certification

IECEx certification as a quality seal for OFRU recycling systems

Alzenau,14 June 2023 - OFRU, a leading global manufacturer of environmentally friendly and efficient solvent recycling systems, announces that its solvent recycling systems have successfully passed the IECEx audit. This certification is a significant step towards even wider recognition and application of this technology, which enables waste disposal costs to be reduced by up to 96% through the reuse of soiled industrial solvents and makes an active contribution to environmental protection. At the beginning of the press release, the IECEx certification, which confirms the high-quality standard of OFRU recycling systems, is presented. We then look at the features and benefits of the recycling systems before concluding by highlighting the positive contribution to environmental protection and emphasising the global reach of OFRU.

IECEx certification as a quality seal for OFRU recycling systems

Following a successful TÜV audit pursuant to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), OFRU has achieved the IECEx quality standard IEC/TS 60079-46. This standard specifies requirements for the design, construction, assembly, testing, inspection, marking, documenting, and assessment of equipment assemblies for use in explosive atmospheres. .The complete ASC-series of solvent recycling systems meets the quality requirements with regard to constructional safety "c" for the assembly of the unit components. The IECEx certification shows that OFRU recycling systems meet the highest international safety standards and thus build confidence among clients, investors, and employees.

Powerful and environmentally friendly recycling systems for solvents

The solvent recycling systems of the ASC- series by OFRU are based on the distillation principle, which involves separating liquid flammable solvents such as acetone, thinner, ethyl acetate, toluene, and numerous other solvents from impurities. By reusing these purified solvents, industrial companies can save significant costs in terms of disposal while reducing environmental impact.

The process of the ASC-series enables industrial companies to reduce their disposal costs by up to 96% while at the same time processing solvents in an environmentally friendly manner. The plants are used worldwide and thus significantly contribute to global environmental protection. “The recycling systems by OFRU not only enable cost savings through efficient solvent recycling, but also contribute to the sustainable use of resources”, explains an OFRU spokesperson.

The IECEx certification highlights the high technological standard OFRU implements in its distillation plants. The success of the audit illustrates the consistent implementation of safety and quality in all areas of the company and is a reflection of the recognition and reputation that OFRU enjoys worldwide. Customers, investors, media, and the public can be confident that OFRU recycling plants provide them with a safe and environmentally friendly solution for solvent reuse.

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OFRU Recycling is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-performance recycling systems for solvents. The company, based in Alzenau near Frankfurt, has made a name for itself worldwide with its imaginative solutions in environmental process engineering. OFRU Recycling supports industrial companies in the efficient and sustainable processing of contaminated solvents and thus makes an active contribution to environmental protection. In December 2019, the production programme was expanded to include industrial cleaning systems for the paint, adhesives and coatings industry.