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Single fault indication for OFRU distillation systems now included

For the small solvent recycling models ASC-100 12 kW, ASC-150 24 kW and ASC-500 37 kW, the software feature single fault message will be included in the basic configuration from 1 December 2020 at no extra charge for the distillation system. This feature, which was only reserved for the large systems, will provide great advantages in the operation of the distillation system. 

Costly troubleshooting is a thing of the past. This saves time and money.

Depending on the configuration of the solvent recovery system, sources of error can now be quickly identified and eliminated.

Typical fault messages:

* Heating too hot (heating temperature monitoring)

* Fill level in heating medium too low

* Level of process liquid for vacuum pump too low

* Distillate tank overfilled

* Distillation plant overfilled

* Heating monitoring

* Filling error

* Motor protection switch triggered

* Heating / power contactors monitoring 

* emergency stop pressed

* Compressed air not available

* cooling water not available

* Solvent too hot from the plant

* Solvent Steam temperature monitoring

After the message "Process interrupted" the error is simply reset. The solvent distillation process is restarted, the solvent distillation plant and the programme continues (in the example 4 hour).