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Solvent recovery system for smaller operator

Now there is a choice even for the smaller operator to benefit from a practical in-house solvent recovery system. The solvent recovery system model M is operating automatically within 3-4 hours to reclaim its volume of 7-30 l.

A thermoproof disposal bag sits inside the solvent recovery system tank and contains the dirty solvent. No need to scrape out the solvent recovery system tank after each cycle. The solids and contaminats remain in the bag, allowing fast and low-cost disposal. The bags can be used 2-4 times again. Used solvent is vaporised by a sealed electrical element submerged in a bath of diathermic oil which in turn heats an inner treatment tank containing the used solvent.

Solvent vapour passes through a built-in air-cooled condenser and drains into a collection drum as clean, fresh solvent. Therefore, for the solvent recovery system there is only a power supply necessary. The explosion-proofed solvent recovery system models are available in different tank sizes and can be supplemented with a vacuum system. The solvent recovery system is a great choice for small daily solvent volumes.

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