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Increase of turnover of distillation plants by 35 percentage

Babenhausen, 02.08.2007. The OFRU Recycling GmbH & Co. KG. is looking back on a successful business year 2006. The full-range supplier of recycling units for soiled solvents was able to increase the turnover of its distillation plants by 35 percent. Nowadays with over 1000 customers worldwide OFRU Recycling is one of the leading international suppliers of solvent recovery systems for small and large companies.

"We see the increase of our turnover as a recognition of our permanent product development for the benefit of our customers. Security and comfort  in the distillation of solvents are still the keys to success in our business.", explains Denis Kargol, acting manager of OFRU Recycling GmbH & Co. KG. "More companies invest again in recycling units, in order to decrease their disposal costs for solvents. This improves the company earnings and the environmental protection of a modern company."

Critical for this positive business development has been the previous investment into research and development for a new processing system for solvents, type ASC-150 and COMPACT. Both products were taken from the lager plants as smaller versions. These small installation sizes provide security and equipment characteristics similar to those which can be found in large distillation plants. The industry adopted these advantages well.

Already in the first months of the new business year, for 2007 a sanguine business development can be foreseen. The plant manufacturer from Babenhausen is forced in a positive way to recruit more people to satisfy the growing business. The high propensity to invest can not only be noticed due to the domestic boom, but also due to the business activities outside Europe. The "investment climate" can be generally called good. For the running business year a further growth of the company can be expected.

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