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ASC-100 High savings potential in solvents

ASC-100 Solvent Recovery Recycling Unit

ASC-100 Solvent Recycling Unit

Plants that us flammable solvents during production know well the problems which arise when the solvents are heavily polluted by paint, varnish, oil or fat and have to be replaced by new ones. Contaminated solvents must be stored and disposed in accordance to the strict regulations and new solvents have to be purchased regularly. The disposal and purchasing costs arising from this are a significant cost for every company. It is not uncommon for them to reach a magnitude of 10,000 to 100,000 EUR per year.

OFRU now offers a chance to reduce these costs significantly: the newly developed ASC-100 solvent recovery system. The cost reduction is especially valuable for small and medium-size businesses. “In-house” solvent recycling can reduce costs by up to 95%.

The newly introduced solvent recovery system is an explosion-proof distillation plant from the ASC series. “ASC” is marketed as a professional series and has now been used worldwide for over 20 years. With the development of the 100 model, the system series has been extended down in size.

The ASC-100 model provides a 140-litre-distillation tank with a maximum filling capacity of 80-100 litres. The contaminated solvents are sucked automatically into the tank by a vacuum pump and recycled in a distillation process, by means of an integrated thermo-oil heating system. The application is very simple, thus, it can be operated 24/7 without supervision. Filling is controlled by a level regulator and thermostats control the actual heating temperature. Depending on the type of solvent and the degree of contamination, the distillation capacity is 20-80 per hour. The solvent condenses in a water-cooled condenser and the recovered clean solvent is released downstream.

A special feature of the plant is the distillation tank with a conical vessel. Remaining residues such as paint, resins, varnish, glues, etc. simply collect in the centre of the cone and, after the distillation is completed, when they become viscous, they can be extracted via an outlet valve. Then can they be disposed of at low cost. Effective cleaning of the interior tank walls is achieved by modern scrapers, which always have the best fit to the wall and do not require any further adjustment. The recovered solvent has a high degree of purity and it can be reused immediately. A handy thing, if you want to prevent future high costs for disposal and purchase!

OFRU Recycling GmbH & CO. KG (www.ofru.com) is a medium-size family company with based in Babenhausen at the edge Rhine Main area. The enterprise was created in the year 1978 and looks back today on 30 years experience in the distillation technology of solvent. Today OFRU is a leading global manufacturer of highly productive solvent recovery systems machines.

The product program covers modern distillation systems and/or vacuum distillation plants for inflammable and aqueous solvents and/or cleaners. Beside the small recycling plants for 50 l daily volumes, fully automatic evaporators up to an output of 2000 l/hr are available.

The success bases on a comprehensive process engineering know-how in many industries and a modern development department. Technical innovations and safety is a huge priority with OFRU. Clients are based all over the world, mainly in chemical, printing and industrial sector.

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