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Large-scale solvent recycling

Alzenau-Germany, 23.04.2018. OFRU Recycling launches the ASC-3000, a new distillation plant with which a high-purity separation of over 99% purity can be achieved on an industrial scale.

The ASC-3000 separates valuable solvents from impurities such as water or other liquid chemicals by distillation in a highly automated 24-hour operation.

A packed column with automatic reflux is used to increase the separation efficiency. Similar solutions are already state of the art from the refinery technology for crude oil.

The benefit of the plant is that the operator can carry out very economical treatment on his own premises, thereby saving high disposal and transport costs. An investment of this kind usually has an amortisation period of less than twelve months.

To process sensitive chemicals in a careful way, the distillation is carried out under vacuum. Depending on the substances or liquids and impurities to be separated, the plant can recover up to 10 tons of liquid recyclable material per day. Such treatment solutions can also be implemented on a smaller scale. OFRU presents such and similar processing plants at the world's largest chemical trade fair ACHEMA in Frankfurt in June 2018, Hall 6.1 Stand D1

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Background: OFRU Recycling is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-performance solvent treatment plants. The company with its headquarters in Alzenau near to Frankfurt has gained a worldwide reputation for its innovative solutions in environmental process engineering. For 40 years OFRU is regarded as a pioneer in the production of solvent distillation plants, which enable a high recovery of recyclable materials.