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Parts Washer

Functional description of the parts washing machine

The OWM parts washing machine is used for cleaning parts from the printing and varnishing industry. Parts are loaded from the front side. For this purpose, the washing basket of the parts washing machine is moved out of the washing chamber by hand. In the washing chamber there are nozzle frames with flat spray nozzles. After loading the parts washer, the washing basket is pushed into the washing chamber and firmly locked. After the front folding door has been closed by pneumatic cylinders via two-hand operation by means of a pushbutton, the washing process of the parts washing machine can be started.

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The technical equipment of the parts washing machine OWM includes various washing programs:

  • Washing in cycle, adjustable: 0-100 minutes
  • Draining, adjustable: 0-10 minutes
  • Optional: rinsing with fresh cleaning liquid, adjustable: 0-10 minutes
  • Waiting time or suction by customer's suction, adjustable: 0-2 minutes

The wash and the optional rinse cleaner are stored in the parts washer in two separate stainless steel tanks and, after the start of the wash program, each is pumped into the spray nozzle system by a double diaphragm pump. A stainless steel fine filter is connected upstream of the nozzle system in the parts washer and prevents clogging of the nozzles.

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