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DRUPA preview: Optimised solvent processing concept for packaging printing

Solvent distillation plant ideal for connection to the printing press

Babenhausen (Hesse), Germany, 29.2.2012 – OFRU Recycling from Babenhausen Germany in South Hesse is optimising its product range in preparation for the DRUPA 2012. The main focus is on the ASC-150 recovery plant with 24 kW heating capacity. The ASC-150 solvent recovery plant is the smallest model in the professional ASC series which has an integrated steam heating system. The steam heater in the double jacket of the distillation vessel was developed by OFRU as long ago as 1997, and replaces the conventional thermal oil heating system for solvent recovery plants.

The optimisation of the ASC-150 for flexo printing shops drew on the experience and wishes of the customers. Packaging and flexo printing shops wish to integrate the solvent recovery directly into the automatic washing process of a modern printing press on the one hand and to incorporate older printing presses into the recovery process on the other.

At the DRUPA 2012, OFRU will therefore be presenting a solvent recovery concept linked to an ASC-150, two stainless steel solvent tanks with UN and DOT approval (approved in particular for hazardous liquid substances of classes 3, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 6.1, 8 and 9). The two tanks can be connected online to a printing press and ensure continuous processing of the solvents.

In addition, a solvent filling and discharge station has been integrated. At the push of a button, the printer can also transfer the soiled solvent from a drum into the tank, or pump clean solvent from the second tank when necessary for manual washing processes. This solution is particularly practical, as many printing shops still employ older printing presses and have not yet changed over to printing presses offering an automatic washing process.

Experience has shown that the distillation capacity of this plant is sufficient for 30 to 65 litres per hour with a heating temperature of only 100-110°C. The low heating temperature is necessary to ensure safety during the distillation of nitrocellulose-based solvents.

The processing concept presented already forms part of the OFRU product range for 2012.

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