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COMPACT distiller cleans solvent - Recycling plant for flammable solvents

With the solvent by distillation COMPACT OFRU Recycling can recycle flammable industrial solvent.

Babenhausen (Hesse), Germany, 07.05.2013 – With the solvent by distillation COMPACT OFRU Recycling can recycle flammable industrial solvent. The COMPACT is in conjunction with a vacuum unit to a vacuum distillation unit and purifies by vacuum distillation method contaminated solvents. Solvents may come from different production processes, for example of the coating parts, parts cleaning, painting, or by use of paints, adhesives or sealants.

The dirty solvent often stands ready in 200-Litre barrels. These are connected by a hose or pipe connection to the distillation apparatus. The filling by vacuum and the processing is done completely automatically. Depending on the type of solvent and its degree of waste contamination a distillation speed  of approximately 10-25 liters per hour is achieved.

An ideal value to recycle 1-2 barrels per day by itself. For operation only electricity, cooling water and compressed air supply is required. An investment that pays for itself quickly.

OFRU Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
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OFRU Recycling GmbH & CO. KG ( is a medium-size family company based in Babenhausen at the edge Rhine Main area. The enterprise was created in the year 1978 and looks back today on 33 years experience in the distillation technology of solvents. Today OFRU is a leading global manufacturer of highly productive solvent recycling machines (Solvent recovery systems); solvent recycling plants for distillation solvents.

The product program covers modern distillation systems and/or vacuum distillation plants for inflammable and aqueous solvents and/or cleaners. Beside the small plants for 50 l daily volumes, fully automatic evaporators up to an output of 2000 l/hr are available.

Recycling systems recycle a variety of solvents. Almost all flammable solvents. Examples of alcohols include ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, n-butanol in the ketones: acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, esters with ethyl acetate, with the aromatics: toluene, xylene, to name only the most important. Typical solvents include ethyl acetate in packaging printing and flexo printing in ethanol, toluene in gravure and all known organic solvents for washing the flexographic printing plates / sleeves in analog prepress.

The success bases on a comprehensive process engineering know-how in many industries and a modern development department. Technical innovations and safety is a huge priority with OFRU. Clients are based all over the world, mainly in environmental.