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Recycling system for ethanol, ethyl acetate, isopropyl (alcohol) for printers

With innovative saftey feature

OFRU Recycling from Babenhausen/Germany offers a reliable and safe solution for treatment of special solvents coming out of the printing industry. For over 30 years OFRU is well known as the technology leader in the field of recycling plants for hazardouz and flammable solvents.

The printing industry uses different solvents. Ethanol, ethyl acetate, isopropyl (alcohol), toluene and other alcohols are typical solvents which can be recycled very well. The solvent recycling plant ASC-100 or ASC-150 developed by OFRU is suitable for printing or plate solvents and reclaims dependend on share of solids 160 to 800 litres per shift. Both units are equipped with a innovative safety device. With buffer tanks it is optimized for the direct connection to a printing machine. There solvent recycling plant supplies „in-LINE“ fresh solvent for the automatic wash process for the cleaning of the printing decks.

Image:  Concept OFRU solvent distillation unit ASC-150, direct connect to a printing machine.

Daily amounts of 250-1000 litres of solvents for modern printers are today no more rarity. The security point gets a special attention. Printing solvents in particular with nitrocellulose inks are easily inflammable at certain temperature and/or dryness. For this reason OFRU offers a special safety device for nitrocellulose solvents. The solvents are distilled and supervised by means of strong vacuum at low temperature. A special security characteristic is further the design of the distillation boiler. The boilder bottom is not round or flat, but the surface it ideal conical and planar. Combined with the strong agitator, the boiler walls are optimally scraped off. The heating surface is used efficiently, saves energy and a continuous distillation power is ensured.

If the printing inks for certain reasons should catch fire nevertheless, a water shower provides sudden flow of fighting water into the boiler and stops the exothermic reaction. The installation of such a plant normally takes place in its own distillation area. For customers, whom nevertheless have no EX-Zone, OFRU offers the Z2-Version, a completely covered machine with an exhaust fan for the installation directly in printing workshops (ExII3G certified)